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An Icon Reborn

You might say we’ve always been a place for those with a keen eye for design. That’s because before we became Hotel Palomar Philadelphia, 117 S. Sansom Street was known as the Architects Building. Since the transformation, we’ve put some of our own floor plan-building magic to work, with some pretty handsome-looking conference rooms, ballrooms and boardrooms, named after the many skilled architects who have contributed their talents to Philadelphia.Learn More

Burnham Ballroom

This 1,750 square foot ballroom is named for architect Daniel H. Burnham, a pioneer in the development of American skyscrapers and the architect behind the Wanamaker’s building (now Macy’s). The Burnham Ballroom is located on the 25th floor, has gorgeous city views and can accommodate up to 150 guests.

Abele Room

Julian Abele was the first African-American to graduate from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Architecture. He is famous for designing the Free Library of Philadelphia. The delightful Abele Room, with its chocolate walls and elegant furnishings, spans 490 square feet with stunning city views. Up to 24 guests can be comfortably accommodated.

Wright A & B Rooms

Frank Lloyd Wright’s work is known far and wide but his Beth Shalom Synagogue in Philadelphia is undeniably one of his best. Wright Rooms A & B, with their taupe walls and artful sconces, can accommodate up to 50 guests in 558 square feet.

Cret A & B Rooms

Nearby Rittenhouse Square wouldn’t be what it is today without the expertise of Paul Philippe Cret. Cret redesigned the Square in the Beaux-Arts style we all know and love today. Clearly, Cret knew how to set Art in Motion – just like we do here at Hotel Palomar. The Cret Room boasts 677 spacious square feet and offers soaring views of South Philadelphia. This room is perfect for up to 60 guests.

The Calder Room

Enjoy intimate birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, book clubs, corporate board retreats and department get-togethers will find both the 10-15 person private dining rooms at Square 1682 a perfect fit. The Calder Room, named after Alexander Calder is best known for the architectural sculpture of Philadelphia City Hall. Calder changed the course of modern art by developing an innovative method of sculpting, bending, and twisting wire to create three-dimensional “drawings in space.”

AIA Library

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) was founded in 1857. Its original library has been preserved and moved to the 25th floor of our hotel. This room is filled with books and the kinds of chairs you’ll want to sink into with them. For up to 20 guests, this 285 square foot space is the perfect choice.

PEI Boardroom

I.M.Pei is well-known for the glass pyramid at the Musee du Louvre in Paris. Closer to home, his Society Hill Towers and Old City Town Homes are the talk of Philly’s architectural circles. The Pei Boardroom is a great place for 14 guests to ponder the next big contribution to society in 345 square feet of space.


Tyng is modern and sophisticated, just like her namesake, the distinguished architect Anne Griswold Tyng. Located on the second floor and filled with light, Tyng has spectacular Murano glass wine doors and a glass wall that overlooks Square 1682’s lounge.

Room Name Sq Ft Dimensions Banquet Reception U-Shape Theater Classroom Hollow Conference
Abele 490' 16' x 6' 30 25 10 20 12 12 18
AIA Library 285' 20' x 14' 20 15 - 20 74 - 14
Burnham Ballroom 1,750' 42' x 43' 100 150 38 100 74 38 24
Cret 677' 36' x 20' 60 50 24 50 24 26 20
Cret A 335' 18' x 20' 30 15 - 22 8 - 9
Cret B 342' 18' x 20' 20 15 - 22 8 - 9
Wright 558' 36' x 16' 40 40 18 40 20 22 20
Wright A 278' 18' x 16' 10 10 - 18 8 - 9
Wright B 280' 18' x 16' 10 10 - 18 8 - 9

24th Floor

24th Floor

25th Floor

25th Floor

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Need to reserve a small meeting, room block, or submit a RFP?