Caitlin Mateo

Executive Chef,
Square 1682

This rising culinary star and former full-time gymnast first started cooking at the age of 18 with Chef Marianne Cuneo Powell at The Little Café in Voorhees, N.J. Mateo's personal philosophy is to use the best ingredients possible and let the flavors speak for themselves. Mateo honed her craft as a sous chef working under Philadelphia's Chef Marcy Turney. In her off time, Mateo enjoys cooking with her husband for friends and family, caring for her young daughter and escaping to beach.

  • Q: Greatest Influence:
  • A: I don't need to go crazy with foam or other gastronomic fads. What I look for is the best possible ingredients - and that's what inspires me. For example, I want to serve the freshest, locally sourced chicken and just work with the natural goodness innate in the product. I want the guest to say 'wow, this is the best chicken I've ever had!'
  • Q: If you were making dinner tonight at home, what would it be:
  • A: My husband and I like to make our own pasta at home. I also make a lot of fish. Right now, I'd probably go for halibut.
  • Q: Favorite Ingredient:
  • A: Cauliflower! I'm obsessed with it. It has this musky deliciousness.
    At home I eat mine with brown butter and lime juice. I can eat it every day.
  • Q: Dead or alive - for whom would you love to cook?
  • A: The late-great Julia Child. I'd prefer it if she was older and at her most knowledgeable.
  • Q: Cookbook Author:
  • A: I really like to look at all the new cookbooks from really cool restaurants like Denmark's noma and Mugaritz, near San Sebastian Spain.
  • Q: Culinary Region?
  • A: I'm really into Spanish food. I also love Portuguese food. But in cooking, I'm influenced from all over the world - as well as right here in PA.
  • Q: Preferred Vacation Spot:
  • A: Anywhere where it's super hot and there is a beach.
  • Q: Three ingredients you can't live without.
  • A: 1. Salt.
    2. Garlic.
    3. Chilis.
David's Favorite Recipe

Caitlin's Favorite Recipe

In the spirit of Infusions, Caitlin is serving something special:

Tomato Garbanzo Soup with Charred Shrimp and Cilantro
Straight from Square 1682's menu and a fan favorite. Check out the recipe

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