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A Dining Destination

Luxe Hotel near Center City Eateries + Bars

Philadelphia restaurants to dine for

Yes, Philly’s known for its cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, and water ice—all delicious, no doubt—but the dining scene is much more than its most famous treats. Think chef-driven concepts, cuisines from around the world, hyperlocal ingredients, and bustling food halls. The Rittenhouse Square neighborhood around the hotel is not only one of the city's top culinary destinations but also a hub for Philadelphia dining enthusiasts. It's filled with patios perfect for people-watching, offering fabulous happy hour specials and leisurely brunches. (Plus, don't forget to explore our very own Square 1682, notable for its modern American cuisine and outstanding bar program.) Discover why Rittenhouse Square is a true dining destination in the heart of Philadelphia.

Explore Philadelphia's Foodie Culture

Philadelphia is often referred to as one of the best foodie cities in the U.S., thanks to its abundance of dining destinations that cater to every palate. For a taste of the restaurants that even Guy Fieri couldn't resist, be sure to explore the places he visited on his show: Mom-Mom's Kitchen, Jamaican Jerk, Standard Tap, and more. These hotspots are just a slice of what makes Philadelphia's dining scene so extraordinary, and they're all waiting for you to savor. So, whether you're in the mood for some world-famous cheesesteaks or wish to uncover new gastronomic delights, there's no better place than Philadelphia to explore and satisfy your foodie cravings.


There’s a romantic feel to the bistro Rouge, a longtime staple in Rittenhouse Square that has some of the most coveted sidewalk seating in the city. For those seeking a memorable dine-in-Philly experience, Rouge's charming ambiance and delectable cuisine make it an essential stop in the heart of Philadelphia's culinary scene.

(215) 732-6622

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Village Whiskey

Village Whiskey features ample options of its namesake spirit (more than 200, in fact), along with great burgers and other American fare.

(215) 665-1088

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Federal Donuts

FedNuts offers two kinds of donuts: Hot Fresh (straight out of the fryer and tossed in sugar) and Fancy (inventive rotating flavors), plus twice-fried chicken.

(215) 665-1101

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For lunch, grab a sandwich at Huda, where ingredients like swordfish, maitake mushrooms and brisket are nestled in between house-made milk buns.

(445) 544-8025

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From beloved Philadelphia restaurateur Stephen Starr, this French bistro would be at home on a rue in Paris, with its classic dishes and chic atmosphere.

(215) 545-2262

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The Dandelion

Sip an ale by the fire, take afternoon tea in the Victorian dining room, or sit down to a dinner of shepherd’s pie at this cozy British pub.

(215) 558-2500

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